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The MEGA65 personal computer is a faithful recreation of the Commodore 65, the sequel to the Commodore 64 that was never released. A project seven years in the making, the MEGA65 modernizes Commodore’s original C65 prototype designs as a new computer that blends the personal experience of a vintage machine, the soul of a Commodore operating system, and the convenience of modern connectivity—plus a few futuristic surprises!

Since the MEGA65 began shipping in 2022, a nascent community of developers and enthusiasts has been busy discovering, playing, building, and sharing art, games, tools, and experiments. This community is growing as more people who pre-ordered receive their computers. And the MEGA team continues to expand the M65's functionality based on community feedback through regular firmware updates. There's a lot going on!

About the Digest

Whether you own a MEGA65, have pre-ordered one, or are interested in knowing more about it, Dan's MEGA65 Digest will keep you up to date! We've got news, software releases, firmware updates, and tips and tricks, everything to complete your MEGA65 experience. And it’s free!

Update frequency will vary. I’ll try to keep it short, interactive, and about twice a month.

Oh hi, I’m Dan, known as dddaaannn#7325 in the MEGA65 Discord and @dan_sanderson on Twitter. I wrote the MEGA65 Welcome Guide, among other things. Let me know if you have questions, tips, or just want to share your MEGA65 project!

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